Social and Environmental Justice (S&EJ) is a spiritual practice and a unifying force at First Parish UU in Milton. The Social and Environmental Justice Committee proposes and facilitates opportunities for service, education and public advocacy to empower members of First Parish to actively engage in our mission:

We welcome all to build a just and healthy world with faith, love and compassion. 

Getting to Zero

“Getting to Zero” is a series of workshops at First Parish Milton created to help prepare the congregation for a vote at our annual meeting on May 16, 2021.

The congregation will vote on a proposal from the Social and Environmental Justice Committee which states our  commitment to reduce carbon emissions at First Parish Milton by the year 2035.

The workshops were recorded for those unable to attend.  In our journey toward climate health we will learn, together, what it means to become “net zero” and how to live more sustainably.

This is a critical issue, not only for our church but for our community, climate, and planet.

Getting to Zero 101:  The Big Picture and why this is critical – Mar 17, 2021

Getting to Zero 101: The Big Picture and why this is critical.

Posted by First Parish Milton UU on Monday, April 26, 2021

Getting to Zero 102:  What is involved and how can we learn from other congregations? – April 21, 2021

Getting to Zero 102: What is involved and how can we learn from other congregations?

Getting to Zero 102: What is involved and how can we learn from other congregations?

Posted by First Parish Milton UU on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Getting to Zero 103:  Ideas about process and next steps – May 5, 2021

Getting to Zero 103: Process and next steps

Getting to Zero 103: Process and next steps…

Posted by First Parish Milton UU on Friday, May 14, 2021

Social Justice Themes for 2020

– Climate Justice – First Parish in Milton advocates for the wider community, Commonwealth and the world in the face of climate change through direct action, working to advance legislation, and engaging in public advocacy.

– Economic Justice – Economic Inequality has wide ranging impacts in the world today from environmental deterioration to homelessness; from mass incarceration to low wage earner exploitation. We work for justice, equity and for systemic change in our world.

– Racial Justice – The suffering causes by racism must be ended if we want to create fair, healthy and loving communities. We work to end racial discrimination and injustice- starting within ourselves and moving out in our communities and beyond. Justice for all the people begins at home.

– Immigration Justice – We advocate for immigration reform, for an end to detentions and deportations, and for a world where no one feels forced to leave their home or must risk death in pursuit of a decent life for their whole family.

Social and Environmental Justice in Action!

Justice in action takes many forms. Members of First Parish in Milton engage in social and environmental work in our work, in our homes, and in our daily activities. As a community, we join together to expand our impact through a variety of activities. S&EJ defines and promotes opportunities for service projects and collaborations with area non-profit, non-partisan civic organizations such as:

Courageous Conversations toward Racial Justice:  A monthly series of dialogue centered initiatives on racism and privilege in Milton and Mattapan designed to address racial healing, equity and justice.

Fair Foods is a non-profit organization that rescues nutritious wholesale fruits and vegetables about to be discarded for distribution to members of the community. Join us for our monthly volunteer day with Fair Foods at the Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry, 10 Putnam st, Roxbury. For info, contact Tony Dutzik at

Green Action at First Parish is an active program including a solar initiative, campus composting, bike rack, plastic bag ban and legislative campaigning. For more info, contact Tucker Smith at or Peter Schneider at

Third Sunday Initiative: each month on the third Sunday, First Parish donates the proceeds of its collection plate to a non-profit which is addressing one of the identified themes of the Social and Environmental Justice Committee.

Main Spring/Father Bill’s– First Parish members provide support by assembling and providing lunches to their Brockton location every other week. For more info, contact Peter Schneider at

Here are details for volunteering

Mother’s Day Walk for Peace– each Mother’s day, First Parish Members join other churches and community groups to walk in an effort to create more peaceful communities. Organized by the L.D Brown Peace Institute, we join with families and individuals who have been impacted by murder to bring awareness to this issue and demand dignity and compassion for families impacted by this violence.

UU Urban Ministry is a social justice organization based in Roxbury. First Parish members work with volunteers from Boston-area congregations as well as local colleges and universities on a variety of programs. UUUM seeks to build bridges of understanding and mutuality so that people from different social and economic backgrounds can work together to effect change.

For more information on the Social and Environmental Justice Committee, please contact the 2019-2020 co-chairs Pat Gallivan or Tracey Robinson at or call the office at 617-698-6329.