Last revised: 7.29.20

Summer Schedule:  Lay Leaders and Worships Associates (WA)

  1. June 21 – Laurel Whitehouse (Cliff Clifford, WA)
  2. June 28 – Elise Henricks (Joe Ayoub, WA)
  3. July 5 – Penny Partridge (Leslie MacPherson, WA)
  4. July 12 – Leslie MacPherson (Pat Neves, WA)
  5. July 19 – Debbie Alsebai (Penny Partridge, WA)
  6. July 26 – Linda Goodrich (Robert Johnson WA)
  7. August 2 – Jeff Stoodt (Robert Johnson WA)
  8. August 9 – Joe Ayoub (Elise Henricks, WA)
  9. August 16 – Alex Engel (Jeff Stoodt, WA)
  10. August 23 – Jennie Mulqueen (Tom Kemp, WA)
  11. August 30 – Julie Baker (Joe Ayoub, WA)
  12. September 6 – Robert Johnson (Tom Kemp, WA)

Summer Hymns (pre-recorded)

  1. There’s a River Flowin’ in My Soul (B1007)
  2. Come and Go With me to that Land (B1018)
  3. There is More Love Somewhere (G95) 
  4. I’ve Got Peace Like a River (G100) 
  5. Spirit of Life (G123) 
  6. Come, Come Whoever You Are (G188) 
  7. Come Sing a Song With Me (G346) 
  8. Doxology – From All That Dwell (G381)

Summer Service Themes

1.  Laurel Whitehouse.  

“Coming of Age Credo Service”

Our 8th, 9th, and 10th graders will share their individual credo statements, which represent their personal beliefs at this moment in their lives.

2. Elise Henricks

“I am the One I’ve Been Waiting For: Reflections on examining my own biases in a time of upheaval”

What will it take to start my own path toward creating a more just society? I’ve been thinking about next steps for myself and will share a few of my observations and some ideas for self-examination.

     3.  Penny Partridge

     “The Little Faith Reflection That Grew” 

     Weeks ago I tried to write a Faith Reflection exploring my religious history, 

    but it definitely could not be fit into the usual two to three minute slot in our 

  Pre-Pandemic services. It did lead to thoughts I want to share about religion 

    and community.

4.  Leslie MacPherson

  “Do and Do Not: There IS a Try”

From the Star Wars movies to Nike slogans, imperatives to get things done surround us all. Leslie has been pondering the implications and will share her observations, particularly as it applies to us as UUs.

5. Debbie Alsebai

Little Known History – Careful It May Shock You”.

I will discuss some US history for white folks and black folks that lead us to where we are today. 

  1. Linda and Isabelle Goodrich

“Poetry that Sustains Us”

Mother/daughter poets, Linda and Isabelle Goodrich will share poems and reflections on poetry that soothe our souls. Poetry can protest and challenge. It excites and inspires. Poems can also be prayers. They can also help us to return to a deeper knowing within and to profound connection to all living beings. We invite you to bring one poem that you turn to in times of stress or upheaval. 

  1. Jeff Stoodt

“Finding Inspiration”

Where do you find inspiration? What have you relied upon for your entire life–and what new sources have you developed? Why is inspiration hard to sustain? Jeff Stoodt will be interweaving his own experiences with the thoughts of writers and philosophers on the importance of inspiration.

  1. Joe Ayoub

“The Urgency of Now”

Whether in own lives or in how we conduct ourselves in our community, action, not merely good intentions, is what matters – and it has never mattered more.  

  1. Alex Engel

“Living With Pain.” 

The service is about how pain is a teacher, how it shows us what’s unchangeable about ourselves, what parts of us are changeable, and most importantly which parts of us need to change.  I’ll pull from personal experience as well as several scripture passages to illustrate how we can use pain to learn more about ourselves and move beyond those times that hurt us.

  1. Jennie Mulqueen

“Turn the World Around”

Eco Buddhist Philosopher Joanna Macy teaches the idea of the Great Turning and has created a program called The Work that Reconnects to empower activists who want to turn the world around. The Work That Reconnects unfolds as a spiral journey through four stages: Coming from Gratitude, Honoring our Pain for the World, Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes, and Going Forth. This service will engage the spiral through song and story. 

11.  Julie Baker

“Telling Your Story.” 

I am a member of First Parish; I am a writer and storyteller. I’ve performed at The Moth, Massmouth, and appeared on Stories From The Stage.  I host storytelling open-mics and teach storytelling workshops for Now Listen Here.  During this service, I will talk about the spiritual, personal and creative growth I’ve enjoyed and witnessed since joining the storytelling community. I will encourage attendees to participate in fun, interactive storytelling activities during the service.

  1.  Robert Johnson

“Heaven bound: A Buddhist UU’s perspective on gospel spirituals and the power of music to move a skeptic’s soul.”