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Greetings and thank you for your interest in Unitarian Universalism. First Parish in Milton is a vibrant faith community, seeking to celebrate life through care and knowledge of each other’s diverse journeys. We share our wisdom, we embody our values and we welcome new knowledge to deepen our understanding of the world in which we live.

Unitarian Universalism is a faith that celebrates Life, honors Creation and expects Participation. We value our Judeo-Christian heritage while respecting and drawing from traditions, scriptures and spiritual wisdom of other world religions. We are a covenantal faith, practicing ways of being with one another to encourage authentic relationship, depth of faith inquiry and a shared effort toward justice in the world. This is a faith that calls you to your wisdom, found through intuition, experience and a connection to the Source of All Being (known by many names). We bolster our knowing through spiritual, social and service endeavors.

Within our faith communities strength of life can be found, reasons to hope can be affirmed, new insights and ways of being can be fostered.  Through our commitment to one another, compassion can be made known as powerful, love can be realized as healing, truth can liberate us into deeper knowing and another’s point of view can expand our consciousness.

Church, first and foremost, is its people. In order to be relevant, it has to be a living institution; an institution of faith, tradition and daring that is embodied — lived deliberately — by its communities.

So, welcome to our faith community! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or faith inquiries.

Blessings on your spiritual journey.

In Faith,

Rev. Lisa Ward