Multigenerational Worship, Children’s Church, and Religious Education classes are the three main components of children’s Faith Development at First Parish.

A general description of each component is provided below. If you have questions or would like more details about our children’s programming , please contact Director of Religious Exploration, Please contract DRE at

Multigenerational Worship

Several Sunday mornings throughout the year people of all ages gather in the Meetinghouse for worship at First Parish. As a faith community, we value the spiritual depth possible in our age-specific worship services. We also value the unique breadth that is possible only in multigenerational worship.

The very young, elementary schoolers, youth, and folks in the many stages of adulthood each have their own perspectives, ways of being in the world, developmental needs, and questions about meaning and faith. In our multigenerational worship services we seek to embrace and celebrate this breadth in our midst. Infant and toddler care is available during worship every Sunday morning in our nursery. Click here for more information about worship at First Parish.

Children’s Church

On the first Sunday of most months, children grades 1-7 gather in our historic Children’s Church for a full hour of worship. These lively and energetic worship services are co-led by children and adults and are music-filled, interactive, and faith-affirming. While services in the Children’s Church are geared towards children and youth, people of all ages are most welcome!

Children’s Religious Education Classes

“The great end in religious instruction is not to stamp our minds irresistibly on the young, but to stir up their own; not to make them see with our eyes, but to look inquiringly and steadily with their own” William Ellery Channing

First Parish offers age-specific classes that compliment the experiences children have in our Multigenerational and Children’s Church worship services, and that provide them with a well-rounded liberal religious foundation. Each class is structured around a strong curriculum and is led by at least two caring adult volunteers from the congregation. Curricula vary in terms of specific focus, but they all foster core topics in age-appropriate ways. Those core topics include the history of our Unitarian Universalist faith; ethics and morality; critical thinking skills; our Christian roots; the individual search for truth and meaning; multiculturalism; our shared call to work for justice; world religious traditions from which we draw wisdom today; and sexuality education.

All classes meet simultaneously with worship services in the Meetinghouse, unless otherwise noted. Please contact Director of Religious Exploration, Laurel Whitehouse , if you would like more information about how to volunteer in the Children’s Religious Education program.