Your Weekly Link – News and Updates 8/26/2016

Weekly Link 8/26/2016


This Week in Worship

August 28, 2016 @ Parish Hall, 10:30 am

A Very Good Friday

Worship Leader: Leslie MacPherson Artinian

Leslie is the Chair of the Worship Committee at First Parish. Her service will investigate the issue of topic of “holy days” and weeks. She asks: Our roots are Christian, so what does that mean for UUs?

No nursery services are provided during the summer but you are welcome to bring your child(ren). We have art materials and books available to keep them occupied.

Last Summer Service – Labor Day Weekend

*September 4 -Rev. Patty Hatch ~ ” Gathering Coconuts” Rev. Patricia Hatch is the Minister of Christian Education at First Parish of Westwood, UCC. In her service, she will answer the question: How is practicing mindfulness similar to gathering coconuts? Rev. Patricia will invite you to reflect on mindfulness and to experience mindful practices during the worship service.

Message from Rev. Lisa

If the way this congregation has welcomed me reflects how you, as a faith community, will welcome the new, then we are in great shape to venture into a new chapter for First Parish in Milton, Unitarian Universalist. I have experienced in just a few weeks curiosity and respect, candor and openness, caring and a readiness to participate; essential ingredients in generating the interdependent ground in which our inherent worth and dignity can grow.

I’ve been asked by several congregants whether this transition to a new position and life path is sometimes daunting and disorienting. I can easily say that there are moments when that is so. There are also moments of delight and wonder, of learning and surprise, of intrigue and finding my way. In short, this time is an invitation to deepening in spiritual practice, calling on the resources within and amongst us to embrace the fullness of the new day and the blessings therein. And it’s always good to remember to breathe.

“Life is a constant emergence,” John O’Donohue reminds us. Every day is a new day. We are navigating change all the time. Sometimes it is more pronounced than at others, but transformation is the way of things. One of the gifts of faith communities is to experience the wholeness that underlies all our changes; a wholeness that heals and encourages, challenges and reassures through the stories we tell, the wisdom we share and the love we engender. We have everything we need to come to fullness.

Blessings Be,
Rev. Lisa

News and Announcements

Religious Exploration (RE) is getting ready for the fall…

Teacher Volunteers Needed – 5 Sundays this Fall

The RE Committee urgently needs adults who are willing to serve as part of a fall semester teaching team in our cooperative Sunday school program. Teaching teams are made up of four adults covering a ten Sunday semester, so the commitment is just five Sundays. Each team already has experienced teachers who are willing to provide the leadership, and the RE Committee will provide training, curriculum, materials and any other support you need to be successful.

This fall, we are looking for:

  • 2 Teachers for our Spirited Adventure program (Grade 2 – Grade 5)
  • 2 Teachers for our Friends and Neighbors program (Grade 6 – Grade 7)

If you would be willing to commit to sharing your time and talents for five Sundays this fall, please let us know by emailing as soon as possible. We are eager to welcome our children back with a full slate of teachers.

Thank you so much for all you do for our children and our program,

The First Parish RE Committee

Nursery Care Team – Teenagers and Youth

Please email if you are interested in being part of the Nursery Care team on Sunday mornings. Hours are 10 am – 12 noon. We also may have some opportunities for other babysitting assignments at church other than Sunday mornings. In your email please give us your first and last names, email address, cell number, and confirm you have completed a babysitting certification program.

Register your Child or Youth

Now is the Time to Register your Child or Youth for RE

This may be done electronically on the Members Page. The form is the first menu pick under Religious Exploration.

BID – Milton Hospital Looking for Volunteers

BID – Milton Hospital encourages kind, enthusiastic individuals to volunteer with us on a weekly basis. We provide a warm sense of community and caring. Current needs are for front desk volunteers to greet visitors, run errands, give directions and answer patient questions and phone calls. We also have opportunities in other departments. Please call Janet to discuss your interests and schedule, or apply on our website under About Us/Volunteer Opportunities. We look forward to working with you!

Janet K. Evans
Director of Volunteer Services
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Milton

Put This on Your Calendar

  • Sunday, September 11 Ingathering Sunday
  • Sunday, September 18 RE Teacher Training
  • Sunday, September 25 RE Classes Begin
  • Sunday, October 2 All Church Council


Kiki’s Corner

Preparing for the Fall

As we get closer to Ingathering Sunday, preparations continue to welcome everyone back to a refreshed builidng. The kitchen looks great thanks to the annual clean up by the Hospitality Committee. And we have plenty of hot water in the kitchen. Kevin Harnden, our sexton, has tackled small projects throughout the summer. As Music Together is on their late summer break. Kevin takes full advantage of the quiet time. One project is polishing the floors. We have had our annual IT (computer) check up. As you may be able to tell, it is busy all summer long.

And here is a short First Parish to-do list for you.

  • Start marking your calendar with upcoming church events.
  • Think about teaching an RE class this fall and sign up!
  • Send in committee meetings or events for the master calendar
  • Update information for the church directory
  • Register your child or youth for RE programs this fall. (See the Religious Exploration announcement above.)

Summer Schedule:

Office Hours: 10:30 – 2:00 Monday – Thursday
No staff on-site Sundays


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Worship, 10:30am in the Meetinghouse

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