Your Weekly Link – News and Updates 7/15/2016

Weekly Link 7/15/2016


This Week in Worship

Sunday, July 17 @ 10:30 am in the Parish Hall

Worship Leader: Rev. Patty Hatch

Worship will be led by Rev Patricia Hatch, who currently serves as Minister of Christian Education at First Parish of Westwood, United Church. She has a Master of Divinity degree from Boston University and her sermon is titled “”Wonder to Wonder”. She loves being an itinerant preacher, and enjoys nature, poetry, and inspiration of all kinds.

“Our lives can be filled with wonder if we will open our eyes and see. In this service, we will reflect on the spiritual practices of being open to wonder and wondering. Join us for an inspirational service that will include story, poetry, and the meditative sound of Rev. Patricia’s singing bowl.”

Dave Egan, who was originally scheduled for Sunday, is away due to a family emergency.

No nursery services are provided during the summer but you are welcome to bring your child(ren). We have art materials and books available to keep them occupied.

Summer Services Schedule

Through September 4, 2016 – Parish Hall @ 10:30 am

  • July 24 – Elise Henricks ~ “Walking a Labyrinth” – Elise will lead a discussion and a walk around First Parish’s portable labyrinth.
  • July 31 – Rev. Hank Peirce ~ “Endings”. This will be Rev. Hank’s final service as interim minister at First Parish.
  • August 7 – Erica Long ~ “We Are Lonely” Erica, a recent graduate of Harvard Divinity School and ordination- track UU describes her service this way: “Loneliness has a way of creeping into our lives no matter where we are or how many people we have around us. Together, let’s explore loneliness, acknowledging that it is an active agent in our spiritual lives.”
  • August 14 – Matt Weinstein ~ “The Game” An ordination-track, second-year MDiv student at Harvard Divinity School, Matt will explain how a simple child’s game could help you live the life you want to live.
  • August 21 – Mallory and Diana Digges ~ Israel, Palestine and the spiritual aspects of UU activism
  • August 28 – Leslie MacPherson Artinian ~ “A Very Good Friday” – Leslie is the Chair of the Worship Committee at First Parish. Her service will investigate the issue of topic of “holy days” and weeks. She asks: Our roots are Christian, so what does that mean for UUs?
  • September 4 (Labor Day weekend) – Rev. Patty Hatch ~ “Gathering Coconuts” Rev. Patricia Hatch is the Minister of Christian Education at First Parish of Westwood, UCC. In her service, she will answer the question: How is practicing mindfulness similar to gathering coconuts? Rev. Patricia will invite you to reflect on mindfulness and to experience mindful practices during the worship service.

News and Announcements

Rev. Hank is on vacation from July 8 – 24. If there is a pastoral care emergency, please contact Kiki Giatis at 617.216.2218.

Choose or Be Chosen – An Update

We thank the Worship and Hospitality Committees for completing next year’s calendar for Sunday volunteers. The Worship Committee has been and will continue to update Sign-Up Genius with the complete schedule. In addition to Ushers, Flowers and Social Hour Hosting, the additional category of Chalice Lighting has been added this year. The Worship Committee is responding to multiples request by members to get back to that First Parish tradition. According to our Worship Committee Chair, Leslie Macpherson Artinian, “Some people signed up their children and when we drew names for all the slots, we included individuals and families in this category. “ So, if you received a notice about being a Chalice Lighter next year, it is not a mistake, we are reviving and putting a twist on an old tradition. If you have any questions, please contact Leslie at


Attention Committee Chairs/Members and other Church Event Planners

We have received little information for the coming program year calendar. So if you or your group has events on your committee calendar, please share with the office. Send to both and We would like to publish an events calendar at the end of August so everyone can update their calendars, electronically or the old fashion way.

REMINDER: Our new fiscal year began July 1. If you currently have payments made electronically through VANCO or your bank or credit card, please remember to check that your payments will continue and also make appropriate changes your payment amounts.

Rev. Lisa Ward joins us in August. Her email address is The email is currently functional but you will most likely not get a response until August. August 1 is Rev. Lisa’s official start date. She has arrived in the Boston area. She is working on getting settled in her new home and getting familar with the area the rest of July. Thanks.

Religious Exploration

What do you imagine the children will be doing this fall?

As we go into a different kind of summer mode, we do so with great anticipation of a new chapter in the congregation. Rev. Lisa Ward will arrive in August. This will mark an exciting time of new conversations, ideas, and initiatives all to come together as one, as beloved community.

How the children will be part of church life begs a great question — how can you be involved? A vibrant congregation has a vibrant religious education life. And an excellent religious education program is made possible only when there is a natural web of relationships between the youngest and the oldest. It’s what makes church family — for caring and trusting adults to serve an important mentoring role in a young person’s life. It can be fine when the adult is the child’s own parent. It is to-the-moon-and-back incredible when adults step up to their their wisdom, curiosity and passion with children who are not their own.

So…..(click here for some mood music) and take just a couple minutes to answers 4 (four) questions about next year’s Religious Exploration program.


The NAACP Presents

Moral Political Organizing

What: Leadership Institute and Summit (MPOLIS)

Who: Featuring Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

When: Thursday, July 21 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Where: UU Urban Ministry 10 Putnam St. Roxbury, MA 02119

Other info: Lunch provided!

For more information, contact Rev. Mary Margaret Earl at

Supported by Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry,

Unitarian Universalist Association and First Parish in Bedford

The Revival is coming to Boston on August 1st – Details to Come

A Message from Susan Leslie of the UUA

The UUA has been partnering with Rev. William Barber, II, for the past few years, working together to spread the Moral Monday Forward Together movement. He was a significant presence at our General Assembly — if you were there you’ll know what I mean!

Most recently our UU Society of Cleveland hosted Rev. Barber’s The Revival tour on July 11th – Time for a Revolution of Values. UUA President Rev. Peter Morales was one of the speakers.
Now The Revival is coming to Boston on August 1st. We will be sending out more details on that very soon but want to let you know now about a training Rev. Barber is leading at the UU Urban Ministry on July 21st.

As part of this initiative, Rev. Barber is also providing training to multi-faith clergy and social justice lay leaders. The UU Urban Ministry is hosting the Boston one on July 21st.
Moral Political Organizing Leadership Institute and Summit (MPOLIS)

This workshop, training and gathering is open to all clergy and lay leaders from all faith tradtions. Through faith-based discussions, we will focus on the moralimperative to engage in social justice work and community involvement as central to our ministries both in places of worship and the public square.

The training is free and lunch will be provided.

For more info and to RSVP, contact Rev. Mary Margaret Earl at

To learn more about this movement, click here.

To see The Revival we had at General Assembly – go to (Rev. Barber comes on at about 58 minutes in)

To see The Revival in Cleveland with Rev. Peter Morales – see

It’s time! – Susan


Kiki’s Corner

Staff Comings and Goings for the rest of July

Kevin Harnden is back the week of July 18. Kiki will be in the office Tuesday and Thursday, offsite (but checking email) Monday and Wednesday. Rev. Hank is still on vacation. He returns to the office on July 26 and will lead the summer worship July 31, his last day in Milton. Miriam’s last day was July 14.

How to Submit to the Link: (Nothing has changed) Deadine for submissions is Tuesdays at 2:30 pm. You need to address email to both and to assure your announcement will be included in the weekly Link. And as always brevity matters.

Summer schedule:

The Link will continue to be sent out weekly via email.

Written announcements for the Sunday service
are discontinued until September 11.

Office Hours: 10:30 – 2:00 Monday – Thursday

Office Closed: July 4, July 18, July 20

No staff on-site Sundays

If you are planning to visit a staff member, please call ahead to make sure the person you want to see is available.


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