Your Weekly Link – News and Updates 6/10/2016

Weekly Link 6/10/2016


This Week in Worship

Sunday, June 12 @ 10:30 am in Meetinghouse

Well there are two reasons to explain how I felt after last Sunday’s service. The first is that I had heat stroke from all the wool I was wearing, which technically could have happened, but not likely. The second reason for the way I was feeling was emotionally overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed with feelings of love, gratitude, joy, sadness, and maybe even a little embarrassed for being the center of attention. Thank you all so much for the wonderful send off it was truly the best going away party I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to hear how you welcome Rev. Lisa.

This week we get to celebrate our young people during our yearly Children’s Sunday and then the following week we observe the fine Unitarian Universalist tradition of the Flower Communion.

See you in church!


Religious Exploration

  • Sunday, June 12 – Children’s Sunday
  • All Children & Youth to attend the Service
  • Nursery available for children 4 and under

News and Announcements

Annual Church Picnic – Sunday, June 19

Enjoy our traditional picnic on Father’s Day. Our Building and Grounds Committee will be grilling and the Membership Committee will be providing the hot dogs, etc, drinks, and other good stuff. Feel free to bring something to share. It is also Flower Communion Sunday and our last service in the Meetinghouse until after Labor Day. Contact Richard Venable or Deb Larson Venable for more information or if you want to help out that day.

Litha Summer Solstice celebration

When: Saturday, June 18,

Time: 7pm

Where: In the Parish Hall

General Assembly, Columbus, Ohio June 22 – June 26

Dave Egan and Leslie Macpherson Artinian are delegates from First Parish Milton to GA. You have an opportunity to watch live when there are events in the session hall. You might be able to catch Dave & Leslie in the Parade of Banners on Wednesday evening. Check out on the UUA website for all the technical details.


Kiki’s Corner

Committee Chairs (both ingoing and outgoing)

Typically we have given current committee chairs a key to the building. If you are an outgoing committee chair, please pass you key to the incoming chair. If your committee has no incoming chair, please return the key to the office. Also incoming chairs, please check out our Members page on the website to see a vareity of resources available to you. Some may be updated in the next month to reflect changes and updates in church documents. We are grateful that you are serving our church community in a very special way.

As soon as you have established either committee meeting dates and/or event dates, please email the information to and This information will confirm meeting space requirements as well as get your event on the master calendar.

Office Closings: June 27th, July 4th

Summer schedule: No staff on Sundays beginning June 26 through September 4


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Worship, 10:30am in the Meetinghouse

Silent Prayer & Meditation, 9:00am in the Children’s Church


Please consider volunteering for important Sunday worship positions like ushering, hosting social hour, providing flowers for worship, and lighting the chalice. Sign Up Here!