Your Weekly Link – News and Updates 4/4/2014

Weekly Link 4-4-14

We Welcome All

Worship Theme: Wrestling with Evil

This Week in Worship Sunday, April 3, 2014 10:30am WORSHIP Melinda Collins and Joe Ayoub, Worship Leaders


Do you have a story you would like to share about what it was like to complete your service pledge? If so, please send an email with “Service Pledge” in the subject line to Rev. Parisa – She would like to include testimonials in upcoming worship services.


Do you have a new infant you would like to dedicate to the care of the First Parish Community? An older child who is new to the community or never had a dedication whom you would like us to welcome formally into the spiritual care of this congregation? Please send an email to Rev. Parisa (subject line: Dedication) – we will have our annual child dedication ceremony on Sunday, June 8.

Religious Exploration

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Children’s Church Sunday

Children will start at the Meetinghouse before being dismissed to attend Children’s Church.

Passages and Neighboring Faiths will go directly to their class room.

Youth chat will gather in the youth room.

Nursery is available for children ages 4 and younger.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the office at


A gentle reminder that for safety reasons, our policy for pick-up from Religious Exploration classes is that children will not be released until a parent has come to get them. After worship is finished, please make your way to your child(ren)’s classes to pick them up. We want to make sure that all children are accounted for and parents know where they are. Thanks for helping us with this!

News and Announcements

The General Assembly Chalice is visiting First Parish!
Sunday, April 6, 2014

GA Chalice background:

This chalice, first used at the Boston General Assembly in 2003, has traveled many miles and lighted 11 General Assemblies. At least since 2008, it has traveled around the host district for the next GA bringing a call to General Assembly to its congregations. The artist, Mordecai Roth, was a dedicated Unitarian Universalist from Arizona. He was both a decorated World War II veteran and a committed peace activist. A retired dentist, he designed his first chalice when a member of his congregation asked him to make a memorial to her daughter who had died. A request from another congregation inspired him to create this “Tree of Life” design. That began a retirement career of over 130 chalices, and his design now graces many congregations all around the county. In 2012, at the age of 92, Roth lit this chalice for Justice GA in Phoenix. He died last spring, and we honor his memory and the gift he has given to us.

Pass the Matzoh & Join Us for a Seder
Wednesday, April 16 at 6:30pm

Pass the Matzoh

Please join us for Passover Potluck Seder celebrating old and new traditions. Featuring an overview of the holiday, fun songs and good company. All ages are welcome but childcare will be available should someone in your family need a break.
Bring a salad, entree or dessert to share, recall that the Israelites did not have time to use flour, so chicken, beef, vegetables, potatoes, salad, egg dishes, fruit, pudding and ice cream items are all good choices (but bread and pasta are not good choices.)
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

The Art/Creativity Salon- Next meeting – Friday, April 18, 7PM

A monthly gathering for people to explore different kinds of art in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. This group meets the third Friday of the month. Mark your calendar!

The Run Again Project

The Run Again Project was organized by Brian Kelley and his sister Kathy Ready. Check out the website, See Pierce Middle School Students sing “I Will Run Again”.


Saturday, April 26 at 3:00pm

May 1st marks an important point in the Magical calendar, our wheel of the year. As the signs of winter recede from the landscape, you may notice mighty changes sweeping over all of us. There is an abundance of raw power in the atmosphere and Earth energies are at their strongest and most active as Beltane honors Life. It is at a “between times”, midway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. Beltane is engrained in the consciousness of our culture. Its disguises are manifold: Spring fever, summer holidays, all night parties, fires on the beach, flowers in hair, jasmine in gardens, love is in the air in high spring. Remember children’s rhymes, like Jack be nimble, Jack be quick? Jack jumped over the candlestick? Yes, that’s referring to Jack o? The Green, a Beltane nature figure, and the jumping of the Beltane fires. I was walking through the woods one day, In the merry merry month of May? Yes, that’s about Beltane, too. All these things and more are Beltane, the third and most powerful of the three great spring festivals.

Join the Earth-Centered group as we jump our symbolic Beltane Fire and dance around our Maypole with its many colored ribbons, merrily weaving the spiral of Life between the Goddess of Fertility and the Green God, the union between Earth and Sky. Merriment begins at 3:00PM, Saturday, April 26 in the Parish Hall and Courtyard.

Following the ritual, all are welcome to stay for a Pot Luck social hour.

For more information please contact Pam Dorsey at 617-698-0057 or Mark Whall at 617-282-4075. Please let Mark know if you think it likely you will attend.

Temple Beth Shalom’s petition

I just signed the petition “Ask Milton Planning Board to approve subdivision request of Congregation Beth Shalom of the Blue Hills” on

It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the LINK.

KikiKiki’s Corner

Chalice Lighters, Flowers and Ushers are needed from now until the end of the program year, June 8. Please use Sign Up Genius to volunteer.

Has your child recently completed the Certification for Babysitting? If he/she is interested in either being considered for helping in the nursery or getting on our list of babysitting referrals for parishioners, please let me know. The first step is to send a copy of the certificate to the office.


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Worship, 10:30am in the Meetinghouse

Silent Prayer & Meditation, 9:00am in the Children’s Church


Please consider volunteering for important Sunday worship positions like ushering, hosting social hour, providing flowers for worship, and lighting the chalice. The link to SignUp Genius is:

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