Your Weekly Link – News and Updates 12/19/2014

Weekly Link 12/19/2014

Christmas Lights

This Week in Worship

Sunday, December 21, 2014

10:30am in the Meetinghouse

If someone were able to follow you around for a day during this season of Christmas what would they say that you were about? Would they be able to describe how you make meaning in this culture of ours? Of course there is no one around following you trying to figure those things out, but you are living your life. How do your actions explain what is worthy to you? This Sunday we’ll have a chance to reflect on our lives and what really matters to you.

See you in church,

Rev. Hank

The Worship theme for December is Hope

December 21

Here we are on the edge of the holidays, and I wonder if you have had a chance to find the holy in the holiday yet? In the hustle and bustle of shopping, parties and TV specials have you found time to seek what is truly at the center of your faith? Today’s service might bring you what you have been looking for.

December 24, Christmas Eve

5:00 – Our first service this evening will be an enjoyable trip into the traditions of these winter holidays we’ll be singing Christmas carols and have our pageant. We will all get involved in this fun,joyous service and season!

10:00 – How Strange a Christmas Day
Tonight marks the 100th anniversary of a truce that occurred in the middle of the First World War. There in the trenches soldiers put down their guns and celebrated their common humanity. Join us,as we, too, remember our common humanity and the message of Peace

December 28 First Footing

This morning we’ll think about the ways we start off our New Year.

Religious Exploration

December 21, 2014

Spirit Play(Pre K – 2nd grade) will meet in their classroom.

3rd – 6th Graders Small Group Ministry will begin in the Meetinghouse before being dismissed to their Religious Education classes.

7th Graders Neighboring Faiths will meet in the library.

8th Graders OWL will meet in the Children’s Church (Class runs from 10:00am – 11:30am)

No youth chat or youth group today. All Youth are invited to attend the service.

The Nursery is available for children ages 4 and younger.

Time for the Christmas Pageant!

Joel Hiller is working hard creating…

Christmas pageant

And we need you, kids of all ages!

Pageant Rehearsals will be December 14th and 21st right after worship and run for one hour. The pageant is held Christmas Eve at 5pm. Can’t make the rehearsals? No problem. Just let us know that you are interested and you are in! This is what makes it the BEST!

Parent volunteers play a big role so please sign up to help out. We are in need of a seamstress, our just some one that can help put costumes together, also parent helpers for Christmas Eve to be stage managers during the service (shuffle kids between scenes, adjust mic, move props, etc.).

Don’t be shy, a signup sheet will be posted on the RE board or you can contact me HERE.

Thank you!

Miriam Febres

News and Announcements

Christmas Week at the First Parish Office

The office will close on Wednesday, December 24 and re-open on Monday, January 5th.

Rev. Hank will lead worship services on Christmas Eve, December 28 and January 4. The Link will go out around the 24th and 31st of December. The staff schedule will be intermittent at best. You are welcome to email or leave voice mail. But you should not expect a response until January 5. If there is a pastoral emergency, please call Rev. Hank at 781.475.9891. May your holidays be joyful and peaceful.

Taking Stock Workshop with Jennie Mulqueen

When: Tuesday, December 30, 12:30-5:30

The Religious Exploration Committee is sponsoring the Taking Stock Workshop this year. You will spend the afternoon gathering materials from the year and spend the day in reflection: writing, journaling, collaging, or any combination thereof. Please contact Jennie to enroll or get further information.

Paintings by our own Ian Torney on exhibit at the First Parish Gallery

At The Horizon – studies and paintings, an exhibition of works by painter Ian Torney, on exhibit at the First Parish in Milton Church Gallery through December 22,2014.

Milton Residence Fund Holiday Gift Program

The Milton Residence Fund Holiday Gift Program organizes all the donations in our meetinghouse each year. Here is a view of what it looked like this week. They will be whisked awy on Saturday morning. Kudos to Diane Ferrari, Milton Residence Fund Coordinator, for making all of this happen. Thank you to those of you at First Parish that come and volunteer this week and to those that brought gifts in for this special program.


Kiki’s Corner

Deadline Change: Items for The Link (and also for the Order of Worship announcements) is December 22 at 5 pm to cover the December 24 and 31 Link. Please email both Miriam and Kiki at the office to make sure your item is included.

Tis the season of gratitude. We have had many successful events over the past few weeks due to the planning and organizing of many folks. Thank you Chris Clifford and Richard Venable for hanging wreath on the Meetinghouse windows this past weekend. And also to Charlie Franich who worked on re-hanging the ones that had fallen. It is not an easy job and much appreciated by the minister and staff. Thanks to Elise Henricks, Charlie Franich, and Leslie MacPhearson Artininian for taking leadership roles in continuing the tradition and evolution of the First Parish Holiday Fair.

Each year, Roger Gray makes the Christmas tree sale happen. Great appreciation to Beth Gray-Nix, Jennifer Grant, and Marie Laure Brown Bfor coordinating the Milton Residence Fund Holiday Gift Program for First Parish. We all are still singing the praises of the FunRaiser Committee headed by Ruth Hannon and also included Franc Graham, Dana Clancy, Cliff Clifford, Patricia Ostrem and probably a couple of more folks that I missed. Say thank you to each of them when you see them next. It is the individual efforts that make this community so vibrant.

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Worship, 10:30am in the Meetinghouse

Silent Prayer & Meditation, 9:00am in the Children’s Church


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