Your Weekly Link – News and Updates 10/3/2014

Weekly Link 10/3/2014

Summer Worship

This Week in Worship

Sunday, September 28, 2014

10:30am in the Meetinghouse

FP MiltonOne of my favorite books about the history of “Churches of the Standing Order” as the Puritans called their churches is “Sabbath in Puritan New England” by Alice Morse Earle. Although the title is rather dry, the contents are not, for Ms. Earle went through and gathered every scandalous story of rascal deacons, misbehaving children and dull preachers. As this Sunday we will be celebrating World Communion Day I thought I would share with you some of the collected stories about what our forebears called “the Lord’s Supper.”

“In colonial days in New England the long and tedious services must have been hard to endure in the unheated churches in bitter winter weather, so bitter that, as Judge Sewall pathetically recorded, “The communion bread was frozen pretty hard and rattled sadly into the plates.”

“One early duty of the deacons which was religiously and severely performed was to watch that no one but an accepted communicant should partake of the holy sacrament. One stern old Puritan, having been officially expelled from church-membership for some temporal rather than spiritual offense, though ignored by the all-powerful deacon, still refused to consider himself excommunicated, and calmly and doggedly attended the communion service bearing his own wine and bread, and in the solitude of his own pew communed with God, if not with his fellow-men. For nearly twenty years did this austere man rigidly go through this lonely and sad ceremonial, until he conquered by sheer obstinacy and determination, and was again admitted to church-fellowship.”

And lastly from our own church’s history comes this quote about the quality of the elements. “In 1734 the Milton church ordered the deacons to procure “good Canary Wine for the Communion Table.” Not being a drinker I have no idea what quality our wine is, but I do expect that the quality of shared community will be the top-grade.

See you in church,

Rev. Hank

The Worship Theme for October is FAITH

5 The Variety of Our Faith Rev. Hank Peirce

What is faith? What do we mean by that term, what does it mean for us as a community? Today we’ll have a chance to explore what it it is we believe as members of this church. This is a Communion Sunday.

12 Animal Blessing Rev. Hank Peirce

You are invited to bring your well behaved pet, a photo or even a stuffed animal (teddy-bear not taxidermy) to church for the annual blessing of our animal companions.

19 The Expectations of Faith Rev. Hank Peirce

My mother expected that we would go to church each Sunday, and she got her wish, as I rarely miss a Sunday. What is it you expect from this faith, and are your expectations reasonable, or even achievable? What do other members of this church community expect of us and how will those beliefs affect the future of First Parish?

26 When I Say God Rev. Hank Peirce

The great minister of the Free Church John Haynes Holmes once wrote: “When I say ‘God’ it is poetry and not theology.” What does that word mean to you? What is your relationship with it, and how is your relationship affected by the beliefs or non-belief’s of others?

Religious Exploration News

FP Milton - Religious Exploration
We started out the RE year with Rev. Hank Peirce commissioning the students and teachers and this past week Rev. Hank had the kids trying on his stoles, robes and collar. This week is the first Children’s Church. Lead by Leslie MacPherson Artinian and Jen Leggett, the kids will be working on making the Children’s Church their own. I am sure they will be coming home with lots to share so please ask questions and get involved!

Please make sure to register your children for RE if you haven’t done so already. This year there is a $25 registration fee that can be paid on line or in person. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Miriam Febres –Religious Educator and Office Administrator at First Parish in Milton

Class Schedule for Sunday, October 5

Children’s Church

Spirit Play, Small Group Ministry, and Neighboring Faiths students will be attending Children’s Church.

Youth Chat will meet in the youth room. Youth Group will be meeting after church from 12:00pm until 2pm.

The Nursery is available for children ages 4 and younger.

News and Announcements

2014 ¡Celebrate Milton! Event is scheduled for Sunday October 5th from 12:00 – 4:00.

First Parish is an exhibitor thanks to the efforts of the Membership Committee. The event will be held at the Pierce Middle School, which will allow us to keep the event in the same spot, rain or shine. Please drop by our space to see what it looks like or stay a while and help us out. The more the merrier.

Jill SobuleCome Support the Start of a Nightlife in Milton!

Sunday, October 5 – 7:30 (Doors Open at 7)

Jill Sobule Plays at the Milton Art Center

Tickets: $20

Go to to reserve seating.

Dear Friends and Fellow First Parishioners,

Milton Music begins on the evening of Celebrate Milton (October 5) and continues on the first Saturday nights of November and December with appearances by Sara Hickman (returning!) and Jennifer Kimball (remember her work with Jonathan Brooke in The Story?).

Previously to enjoy the wit and smart songwriting of Jill Sobule you’d have to drive into the city and fight for parking. Now it’s right in your own backyard! Hope to see you at the show!

~Jeff Stoodt

Party-DancingSaturday, November 15,2014

Save the date!


The First Parish Fun Raiser of course.

Your chance to bid on and win fabulous vacations, exquisite works of art, delectable gourmet items and highly sought after services.
Or just come to marvel at the offerings, share a libation with friends and support our faith community.
We are really hope you will come!

PavingOn Wednesday, October 8th, the parking area on the Clapp Road/Engine Street side of the building is scheduled to be repaved. No one will be able to use the parking area from October 8 – Wed. October 15. The paving needs a week to set up correctly. We expect the area to be appropriately blocked off.

Our own Tucker Smith is Milton’s Town Captain for the “Yes on 2” Campaign (referring to the referendum question on the November 4 ballot).

A few words from Tucker:

Stop LitterI’m excited about advocating for our Commonwealth’s environment and standing up to the beverage/grocery industries messing around with their negative ad blitzes. I don’t see them out there cleaning up our streams, highways, byways, parks, beaches, or T stops, do you?

I’m also more than a little overwhelmed and asking for your help to get out the “YES on 2” vote in town. I believe this has a place under the UU banner. All ages welcomed – kids, families, teens — recruit, recruit, recruit — if you’re a social media maven, let me know, too! I will be a presence at Sunday Social Hours during October with resource goodies.


Kiki’s Corner

Office Updates:

We have been working through all the pages of to make sure we have current information. I encourage you to take a look at pages that might be of particular interest to you. If you notice outdated information, please contact me.

Your generosity serves our mission of growing deep faith and taking bold action. The Contribute button on the website is available for you to pay your pledge electronically or pay RE fees. Pledge reminders will also be sent out in October. We are grateful for your financial support of the work of the church.

CameraFirst Parish is refreshing its public relations materials and will be undertaking more photography and videography of church activities, including religious education events, classes, and children’s church. These images may occasionally be shared with the broader community, e.g. through local media. If you do not want your child’s or your image to be shared beyond the First Parish community, please contact the office.

Items for The Link are due Tuesday at 5 pm. Please email both Miriam and Kiki at the office to make sure your item is included.

To quote Peter Bowden, social media guru and UU, “brevity matters”. Please keep your announcement limited to one paragraph.


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