Your Weekly Link – News and Updates 10/21/2016

Weekly Link 10/21/2016


This Week in Worship

October 23, 2016 — Meetinghouse @ 10:30 am

Speaking Truth to Power

October Worship Theme: Truth

Worship Leader Rev. Lisa Ward

We welcome David Won as a soloist during our morning service this Sunday. He is a featured soloist performing for the Milton Community Concert on November 6th at 6pm.

Next Sunday’s Worship – Day of Remembrance

Message from Rev. Lisa

Now into the second month of our full service church year, our activities are increasing. I look forward to attending this Sunday’s All Church Council meeting after worship to become more familiar with committee activities and aspirations of church leadership. It is good that we gather in this way to enhance communication and lift up a sense of shared ministry.

Our ways of communication are many and varied, with ever room for enhancement. We have this weekly link (deadline Tuesday at noon) which keeps us informed of activities and trends. We have the Sunday written announcements (same deadline) which communicates to members and visitors alike. We occasionally highlight announcements in the worship service, but as this is a precious hour for worship, song and reflection, we do not want to fill the time with announcements. We have evites for events, our facebook page (please go there and “like” the page), our website, and, of course, office hours (posted on the link and on my office door). It is recommended that you call ahead to make sure we are available to meet with you.

One time that is difficult to have a productive conversation is before the worship service on Sunday morning. I and the staff are preparing for the events of the day, so we will not be able to focus well on the issue and might not remember it if spoken on the fly in the hallway. We want to respond to all feedback and suggestions, so do work with us to be heard. This is a wonderful, vibrant, creative community. Let’s keep in touch and work its magic together.

Blessings Be,
Rev. Lisa

Our Faith in Action speaker on Sunday will be Tracey Robinson, Chair of the Committee on Ministry.

The Committee on Ministry (COM) is a committee appointed in consensus with the Minister and Parish Committee and is charged “to monitor and assess the ministry of the congregation” (Bylaws 7.6 B). The COM meets monthly to discuss aspects of the spiritual health of the congregation through its ministries. Members are welcome to offer suggestions, observations, concerns and requests to the COM. These inquiries are treated as confidential, with the aspiration to work out grievances and/or suggestions with the appropriate members of ministry or parish leadership. The members of the Committee on Ministry (COM) for our 2016-17 church year are Tracey Robinson, chair, Jim May, Dottie Pitt and Jen Erbe-Leggett.

Remembrance Sunday

When: Oct. 30th, 2016

In many cultures, the end of October and the beginning of November is marked by events that celebrate and remember the transitions from life to death with Halloween, All Souls Day, All Saints Day, Dia de los Muertos, and Samhain.

Our special worship service of remembrance will take place on Sunday, October 30th. During the service, a colorful display of mementos dedicated to loved ones will be assembled. Anyone who wishes to remember a loved one should bring a small dish of their loved one’s favorite food, flower, or any kind of memento of them to the service.

Religious Exploration
Laurel Whitehouse
Director of Religious Education

Religious Exploration

Religious Exploration Wish List

The religious exploration program is seeking: (1) a portable TV and DVD player to show videos to the Our Whole Lives and Friends and Neighbors classes, and (2) small hand weaving looms for our 2nd to 5th graders to use. Please contact if you have any of the above items to donate to the program.

  • Religious Education classes for October 23
  • Preschool through grade 7 begin in the Meetinghouse
  • Our Whole Lives class begins in Children’s Church at 10:30 am

All regular RE classes will meet downstairs. Please note that classes end at 11:40 am. Children in second grade and younger need to be met in their classroom by a parent. Older children will be released at the end of class to go to Social Hour in the Parish Hall.

Preschool through grade 1 will meet in the Activity Room for the Spirit Play program. Grades 2 through 5 will meet in the Preschool classroom and will be piloting a version of the Spirit Play approach for slightly older children called Spirited Adventure. Grades 6 and 7 will meet in the Primary classroom and will be piloting a curriculum called Friends and Neighbors which will combine social justice projects with portions of the Neighboring Faiths program. All classrooms are on the lower level.

Our Whole Lives class (grades 8 and 9, parental permission required) are 90 minutes long and meet from 10:30 am to noon in the Children’s Church.

Youth Chat (non-OWL grade 9 youth through grade 12) will meet in the second floor Youth Room from 10:30 to 11:30 am, followed by Youth Group (grades 9 through 12) from noon to approximately 1:00 pm.

Register your Child or Youth at: RE Registration Form

Unfortunately, the online registration form had a technical glitch and did not capture data entered over the summer and early fall. The Religious Education Committee is asking all families to complete a paper registration form instead. Thank you for your understanding as we work to construct our registration database. Please return the forms to or to the FP Milton office.

News and Announcements

When: This Sunday October 23, 2016
Time: 12:15 -2:15 pm
Where: Parish Hall and you are invited.

RSVP to your Evite

In the past, the chair person or a representative from each committee would gather to report to the other committees on activities, plans and visions for the year ahead.

As we begin a new chapter in our congregational life under the leadership of Reverend Lisa Ward, please know that all are welcome to come and listen, come and have their voices heard.
Come and find out for yourself what is happening. Come and find out how you can be a part of this vibrant community. You do not need to be on a committee, just be interested in who we are and what we might become. Come please come.

Halloween Dance Party

When: Friday, October 28th @ 7pm – 9pm

The RE Committee is hosting its 7th annual Spooktacular Dance Party

Experience the Eerie Haunted House created by our ghastly youth group — Go through it if you DARE! (You can request the full scare or a calmer version if you prefer)

If you would like to help setup, cleanup or providing Halloween-themed desserts, please email Laurel Whitehouse, Director of Religious Education, at

Milton Community Concert

When: Sunday, November 6th
Time: 6pm in the Meetinghouse.

“Connections: An Operatic Celebration”

This will be a ticketed (non-benefit) concert: $20 general admission, $10 seniors, 18 and under free. Hope you can come!

  • Sunday, October 23rd All Church Council
  • Friday, October 28th Halloween Dance Party
  • Sunday, October 30th Special Service of Rememberance
  • Sunday, November 6th Milton Community Concert
  • Sunday, November 13th Friendship Sunday
  • Friday, December 2 Holiday Craft Night
  • Saturday, December 3 Holiday World Market Fair & Brunch


Kiki’s Corner

We have had some technical difficulties with the copier and the network in the past couple of days. So you will see many things this Sunday in black and white. Consider it “retro” print Sunday.

Sunday, November 13 Friendship Sunday. An opportunity to ask someone you know to come to worship and hear the message of Unitarian Universalism.

If you are planning a church event, check in with the office. We can give guidance on communication planning and other logistics. We think it will make the planning easier for you


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