Small Group Ministry Registration 2014-2015

Small Group Ministry at First Parish is a venue for deeper sharing and connection with one another in more intimate gatherings.  This year we will have groups of diverse membership (the traditional small group model) as well as shared interest groups (affinity groups). All groups will have the common goal of creating a sacred space of deep listening and spiritual growth and will contain the elements of prayer/meditation, reflection and deep listening to one another. In addition, some small groups choose to do a service project or craft a summer worship service. 

We encourage each and every First Parish member and friend to deepen your own faith and your connections with one another by joining a small group. To join a group, please complete this form.

I would be available to join a group that meets at any the following times:
Please check all possible times.  You may indicate preference in the comments box below.

I would like to be part of an affinity group. Please check all that are of interest and/or add your own ideas.  Groups will be formed based on shared interests, and some of the ideas listed below may not come to fruition. We will keep you posted.

Groups that interest me include:

Would you be interested in facilitating? If so, check the following box.