A Photo Display on the Link and an Interactive Assignment

While we are still outside for social hour after worship, you may not have noticed the wonderful exhibit of photographs, taken by Owen Hartford.

They are displayed all along the physical link (the corridor that connects the Meetinghouse with Parish Hall).  At some point (wearing masks), we commend you to behold these works of art: a display of moments in Milton this last year.

For those unable to visit the building, Owen has provided a virtual exhibit, which can be found here.

Recently, at the last Imaginarium gathering, we enjoyed a writing exercise that, with Owen’s approval, we are inviting the community to engage, if you so choose.  You are invited to write a haiku.  The haiku is a poetry form that is meant to capture the gem of a moment as it moves you to observance and connection, just like Owen’s photographs.

The haiku form consists of three lines in this pattern:

  • Line 1: 5 syllables
  • Line 2: 7 syllables
  • Line 3: 5 syllables

Regard one of the photos and let your mind enter the captured moment.  Are there stories that arise for you?  Or possibly another image?  How does the photo grab your attention and sense of wonder?

Journal, a bit, on the photo, or talk of it to someone else.  Then, without too much thought, write your haiku.  Feel free to send your haiku to the office (office@fpmilton.org), letting us know which photo you are highlighting.  We’ll post the haiku (anonymous or with your name – your choice) near the photo.

A quick example: a haiku about the assignment:

A year within reach
Joy and distance in focus
Photos touch on truth

There are many ways we can connect and engage in community.  Have fun!  Send us your haiku.