Coming of Age 2011

The major rites of passage for our congregational life are:

  • Child Dedications (similar to Christening or Baptism), which offer the commitment of the congregation to the care and nurture of new children in our midst (newborn through age 18).  These are held semi-annually for groups of children.  Private ceremonies are sometimes held at homes or in our Children’s Church.
  • Passages is our program for second graders who learn about and practice the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism and then share their learning with the congregation in a special ceremony in the spring.
  • Coming of Age is our program for high school-aged youth (usually in grades 10-11) which explores the history and theology of our faith tradition, invites youth to explore their own beliefs and values and culminates in their writing of their own credo statement.
  • Weddings are performed for couples of all gender identities and sexual orientations by arrangement with the ministers and rental coordinator.  Pre-marital counseling is available by arrangement with the minister who will perform the ceremony.  Our ceremonies are personalized to the couple and their story and are always made to suit the many varieties of families we welcome in our midst.
  • Funerals and Memorial Services are offered for members and can be arranged for non-members as well.

All rites of passage are available to members in good standing (who have made a financial contribution each of the last three years) without cost for professional services.  Fees for professional services apply to all non-member rites of passage.  Please contact the church office for further information.