Our Staff

You can reach the church office by calling 617-698-6329 and listening to voice prompts for the voice mailbox of the appropriate staff member. General inquiries can be submitted using the Contact Form with a note mentioning the staff member you would like to reach.

Lisa Ward
Rev. Lisa Ward
Extension 102
Office Days: Tuesday-Thursday

Kiki Giatis
Director of Congregational Life & Admin
Extension 105
Office Days: Monday – Thursday
Email: director@fpmilton.org

Tim Steele
Music Director
Extension 103
No scheduled office days
Email: music@fpmilton.org

Sara Elizabeth Santa Cruz
Sara Elizabeth Santa Cruz
Youth Advisor
Extension 104
No scheduled office days
Email: youthadvisor@fpmilton.org

Laurel Whitehouse
Director of Religious Education
Extension 104
Office Day: Tuesday
Email: restaff@fpmilton.org

Kathy Tracey
Administrative Assistant
Extension 101
Office Days: Monday – Thursday
Email: office@fpmilton.org

Photo Coming Soon
Joel Hiller
Intergenerational Musician

Photo Coming Soon
Kevin Harnden

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