Upcoming - Najarians

Worship at First Parish is designed according to monthly themes.  We coordinate the stories offered in worship on Sunday mornings with what the children and youth are exploring in their classes and small group ministries, and include testimonials from members in worship as often as possible.

The year-long arc of worship will touch on: “Embracing Our Covenant to Grow Deep Faith”. Each month we will tease out a part of the covenant to explore the depth of its meaning. Here are our scheduled themes:

Worship Themes for the 2016 – 2017

  • September – Covenant
  • October – Truth
  • November – Spirituality
  • December – Legacy
  • January – Potential
  • February – Justice
  • March – Compassion
  • April – God
  • May – Nature
  • June – Faith

Our Covenant

In devotion to truth, searching along many spiritual paths,
We honor the living legacy of our faith in the human potential for goodness and in the God of limitless love, in whom we are one.
We unite in faith,
To celebrate the sacred as it reveals itself within and among us;
To promote spiritual growth and to care for those in need;
To honor and protect the natural world, which inspires wonder and sustains life;
To walk together in peace, committed to justice and compassion in our world.

We worship in the Meetinghouse each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. from September to June.