Summer Services


Summer Services held in the Children’s Church at 9:30 a.m.through September 3

July 16, 2017

“If You Have One Good Parent, You Have A Chance”

Harvard Divinity School ministerial student Francesca Cipriani explores the topic of assumptions about good parenting, particularly when there are complicated roles and factors.

Worship Leader – Francesca Cipriani
Musician –  Emma Jean Moulton
Worship Associate:  Mallory Digges

July 23, 2017

“Walking a Labyrinth”

First Parish member Elise Henricks will lead a discussion and a walk around First Parish’s portable labyrinth.

Worship Leader –  Elise Henricks
Musician –  Emma Jean Moulton
Worship Associate:  Susan Batson

July 30, 2017

“Articulating Our Pluralism”

In the text of the UU Principles and Sources, it is said that our living tradition draws on “many sources,” and that we are “grateful for the religious pluralism which enriches and ennobles our faith.” However, this implied pluralism is not clearly defined anywhere in our covenant. How might we articulate it, both to the world and to each other? And what might a greater focus on religious pluralism mean for our practice? Come and hear Harvard Divinity School ministerial student Andrew van Tine contemplate these questions.

Worship Leader – A.J. van Tine
Musician –   Tim Steele

August 6, 2017

“Fear is the Mind Killer”

Fear can motivate us and drive us to excellence, but too often fear cripples and paralyzes our minds. What can scripture and teachings tell us about our fear, and how can we live with it in our uncertain world?

Worship Leader – Alex Engel
Musician – Tim Steele
Worship Associate –  Leslie Macpherson Artinian

August 13, 2017

“The Magic Within That Allows Us to Connect with the Divine, Ourselves and Others”

Pat and Susan share the sacred aspects of creativity, inherent in all humans in all cultures, that has helped them to take risks, live with more purpose and joy and to become the creative beings they were meant to be.

Worship Leaders– Susan Batson and Pat Neves
Musician –  Tim Steele
Worship Associate –  Susan Batson & Pat Neves

August 20, 2017

“Body Wisdom”

In Interplay, a common phrase is “unlock the wisdom of your body”.  We are embodied creatures, we humans.  There is much we know in our cells.

Worship Leader– Rev. Lisa Ward
Musician – Peter Smith (tentative)
Worship Associate – TBD

August 27, 2017

“The Physicality of Grace”

To piggyback the previous sermon, yet standing on its own, we can feel and find grace in the living of our lives.  It comes over us, passes through us, alights upon us.  Let us welcome grace into our days.

Worship Leader– Rev. Lisa Ward
Musician – Tim Steele
Worship Associate – Mallory Digges

September 3, 2017  (Labor Day weekend)

“Hope is the Thing with Feathers”

 First Parish member Leslie explores what it is that gives us hope and keeps us going.

Worship Leader– Leslie Macpherson Artinian
Musician – Tim Steele

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