Summer Services

Summer Services 2018 ~ 9:30-10:30

*Meeting in the Children’s Church*

*June 17 – Rev. Lisa Ward – Reflections on Fatherhood”

Though a hallmark designation, theme days (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day) invite us to focus on aspects of our relational lives.  Today we will dedicate an hour to contemplating, sharing and lifting up the role of fatherhood in our lives.

*June 24 – Deb Alsebai and Paul Casaz – “Childhood in White – What wasn’t said

The Courageous Conversations group of Milton will explore some of the themes of Waking Up White, by Debbie Irving.

*July 1 – Israel Buffardi (HDS) – “Setting the Communal Table”

Guest preacher Israel Buffardi shares an experience of finding connection and a call to justice in a humble pot of zucchini soup; he will also lead us in a celebration of community, connection, and interdependence through story, song, and ritual.  

*July 8 – Leslie Macpherson – “A Wide-eyed Theology”

As human beings, sometimes we go through our days, not questioning our perspectives, but if we see ourselves as resident theologians in the world, shouldn’t we UUs consider the places we come from?

*July 15 – Julie Baker – “Storytelling”

The Moth” and “Story Slam” winner and storyteller extraordinaire Julie Baker will share how to embrace the stories you carry within and how sharing them can be transformative.

*July 22 – First Parish Green Team – “Sustainability for an Historic Church”

The Green Team invites you to join in a walking meditation around First Parish’s beautiful and historic campus, mindfully contemplating our role as stewards in the interdependent web of existence — bare feet, optional.  Please bring a biodegradable “donation” for our new composting system, for example: fruit/veggie peelings or scraps; coffee grounds/spent teabags; wilted flowers; stale bread; egg shells; etc. (PLEASE, NO WEEDS, MEAT, BONES, DAIRY, or GREASE).

*July 29 – Jeffrey Stoodt – “What’s Christianity Got to Do With It?”

We will learn about how rooted in Christianity Unitarian Universalism is and consider its relevance today.

*August 5 – Chloe Briede (HDS) – “The School of Masters”

We will explore the life and death of the conductor Viktor Ullmann and ask ourselves how we make art in our own lives.

*August 12 – Courageous Conversations – “Color Blind”

The Courageous Conversations Group of Milton explores why saying “I don’t see race” is as racist as it gets.

*August 19 – Joe Ayoub – “It’s Not the Thought That Counts”

Good intentions are a good beginning, but do they really matter if they do not lead to action?

*August 26 – TBA – “Walking the Labyrinth

A First Parish member will lead a discussion and a walk around First Parish’s portable labyrinth.

*September 2 – Robert Johnson – “Finding God in Buddhism?”

First Parish member and practicing Buddhist — Robert Johnson — explores the theological aspects of Buddhism.

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